Candidate Jackie Scott’s McMansion Problem!

     City Commission Candidate Jackie Scott, a well known neighborhood protectionist and activist, builds and sells McMansions!   

Can it be true?


     Scott has a public image as a dragon slayer. She has been in the news countless times fighting developers, saving historic homes about to be demolished, railing against the so -called mega-homes – mega mansions – McMansions!

     Problem is –  she has built and sold many of those “monstrosities” herself.

     Just a few days before entering the District IV political race against incumbent Commissioner Romney Rogers, Scott said this – “we’re constantly inundated with development issues, people wanting to come in and build too much, too high, too big”

      But here is a picture of the house that Scott had built for herself….

                                   5 bedroom/3 bath .. 3200 sq. ft. $1,499,000
                               ( sub zero fridge – dog bath – 16,000 lb. boat dock!)

     Scott had knocked down a much smaller home in Victoria Park a few years back, and built this beauty. She sold the house once, a few years ago, and is currently trying to sell it again for the new owners.

     And the developers, the ones that Scott is known to criticize for building the big homes, have also been her friends.

      Scott was one of the first realtors who sold the larger homes for the poster boy of McMansions, Glenn Wright. Wright’s carbon copy two story homes are most often cited by critics of the large homes that are shoe-horned onto small lots in the older neighborhoods. Wright was arrested for taking money from a civic association a few years ago.

                                            Glenn Wright  


     A story in the Sun Sentinel  during the height of the economic boom that fueled the building of the Wright homes, had Scott quoted – 
     [“Many of those unhappy with the “monster homes” paint Wright as a rapacious villain. He says he’s just filling a need. The existing homes in Rio Vista and Victoria Park are small scale and not large enough for a family.
     Scott says the demand is red-hot. She tells a story about selling the first of Wright’s homes in Rio Vista for $599,000 to a family who relocated from Jacksonville. Three months later, the husband switched jobs. Scott listed the house for $699,000 and it sold within an hour.
     “There was someone waiting to take their place,” she said. “That’s how it’s been.” 

     Scott was also quoted just a few weeks back, talking about her Colee  Hammock neighborhood possibly becoming a historical district – “it would prevent people from coming into an area and start ripping things down and creating McMansions

     But if you are looking for one of those McMansions, fear not, Scott currently has the McMansion pictured below, listed in another neighborhood for a bargain $949,000.


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