A Couple of Things !

     1.    You could possibly have a different City Commissioner soon.
                           That’s because the preliminary Census figures appear to show that our Policital Districts in the City are unbalanced in population, and that’s a no-no according to our City Charter.

     Here’s a map of the Political Districts as they are today (excuse the ad plastered over it, I don’t have PDF to JPEG conversion software!). The green is Commissioner Roberts, the purple is Commissioner Dubose, the brown Commissioner Rodstrom, and the beige Commissioner Rogers.

     As it turns out, Rogers and Dubose have too many people, Rodstrom and Roberts not enough. Districts must be contiguous, so some neighborhood[s] in District 4 will have to move into either District 2 or 3, and some neighborhood[s] in District 3 will have to shift north to District 2 or 1……

      Any way you do it, someone will not be happy! Think Coolie Hammock represented by Rodstrom, Poinsettia Heights represented by Roberts etc. etc. The reshuffling has 100’s of possibilities.

 2.    We will also soon have a new City Manager. It will be one of the three finalists. The odds-on favorite appears to be Levinson, formerly of Coral Springs, but I was much more impressed with this guy …

     Feldman, from Palm Bay, formerly from North Miami. Feldman seems much more people/citizen friendly, has some new creative ideas for the City, and is surely very capable.  If I was still there, I’d be voting for him.

3.  Visioning passed by a vote of 5-0, though Rodstrom tried her best to kill it before voting for it in the end. Stay tuned for Vision collectors coming to your neighborhood this summer !

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