Who Is Art Seitz?

      Who is Art Seitz ?

If you have to ask, t
hen you definitely don’t pay attention to politics in Fort Lauderdale.

picture courtesy of Cal Deal

     Art is a professional photographer, quite a good one, but is famous here as possibly the best known political Gad-Fly to ever work-over Fort Lauderdale City Commissions.

                Here are two definitions of gad-fly, from Websters! ( both could apply?)

    1.  .. “one who upsets the status quo by poising upsetting questions…by proving an irritant

    2. …… ” an insect that stings cattle, and deposits it’s eggs in their skins” !

     Art has quite a colorful history. First, for full disclosure, Art sued me over something he didn’t like in my best selling local book –  “Politics 101, I was robbed, mugged, blackmailed, and ignored, so I got elected and made a difference.”

     Art also sued the City of Fort Lauderdale, and Martina Navratilova, the famous tennis player. Art also filed an official complaint against former Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson (even a clock is right twice a day!)

     Art’s latest battle might be with Victoria Park Activist Charles King. King copied his e-mail below to the City Commission about his views on Art – 

                   ….. I know you view yourself as the “Patrick Henry ” of the beach  ….. the Hurricane Storm Surge Barrier Island or HSSBI for short …   ….  bankrupt this city by approving all your totally self-centered impractical dreams of a senior citizen Utopia and water park at the beach funded at the expense of this city’s hard working families” 

     My advise to Charles – call your lawyer, tell him to stand by !

                                               an Art photo




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