2 things 2 fix !!!

# 1



……    I love these  People Pictures ….. don’t you ?     …..  we’e seen them at Fort  Lauderdale High School, etc.,   but here’s my question  ….. what kind of animal did  this to these pics  ? …  this 40 person stretch of pics of  our fellow citizens on the County building downtown has been destroyed …. Shouldn’t  we just knee- cap the fool that did this ?

…  I hope the pics can be replaced  ….let’s not just give in!




…. This is the trashed out lot next to that really cool little red caboose on Sunrise Boulevard  by Home Depot.




…. Some like to blame the Caboose, but there is no garbage at the train, only next to it in front of the Cemex Cement plant  ……

…. Why can’t we stop this prolific homeless person from living next to the  caboose with all his tons of trash ???

…….  2 things 2 fix  ….






2 Replies to “2 things 2 fix !!!”

  1. Welcome to downtown, Tim! The art installation moves around and will probably get pulled from that location soon. Remember when it was installed on the FAU tower? Gone. I miss it from there. As for the Cemex site, have you looked across the street from the BCT Central Terminal? Talk about a site?!

  2. I’ve been coming to Ft Lauderdale from Chicago for 45 years and live on what is called the A1A strip. This city has been in serious decline since I’ve first started coming here. They keep over building and building right up to the sidewalks without proper set backs, narrowing the busy streets like north A1A from two lanes in each direction to one lane and traffic is impossible and will only get worse. They keep eliminating parking and keep charging higher and higher rates, do nothing about the homeless, drugs and crime while our civil servants live higher on the hog.. This is a horrible place to live and will only get worse and unfortunately I’m too old to move.

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