Problems Solved !

… On our last post, we pointed out 2 problems that needed immediate attention in our City, and I’m happy to report that within a week, both problems were solved !

…..  It took a village, so to speak, but that’s a good thing  …

….. The biggest group effort was the pile of garbage that made up a homeless encampment near that really cool “little red caboose” on Sunrise Boulevard behind Home Depot. The problem had been brewing for nearly 6 months, and made the city look like a dump!


…. The City was worried about the new homeless rulings, the Cemex plant thought it was a Police responsibility, the neighborhood just complained  .

…but then   … ACTION !

…..  cemexcoop1

…A tough group of volunteers ( including Cooper Properties pictured above) showed up at 9 this morning to dismantle the encampment   …. A really great Policeman, Sgt. Jamie Costas, had visited the camp the night before and told the inhabitants (including murderer “Jack” – who served 20 years for murdering his wife). that the camp would be going away in the morning …. ( Costas says “Jack” was understanding, and his personal things were gone this morning along with Jack).


… Commissioner Dean Trantalis (pictured above leaning on rake), and City Manager Feldman worked quickly to arrange for Republic Industries to volunteer pick-up of the refuse …


…Let’s just say that Republic has their work cut out for them…

…..   Thank you to the dozen volunteers that made it happen, because in the end –


…..   no garbage, and nowhere left to hide !

……… ( oh yea, the defaced People pictures on the County building has also been removed)  …





5 Replies to “Problems Solved !”

  1. Tim Smith is being unnecessarily modest. The real story is that he saw a need to do something to improve the neighborhood and, therefore, the City. He DID SOMETHING. I can tell you that the effort was not without its naysayers but,as many of you know so well, Tim does not suffer naysayers easily, even those in authority and, proof is in the pudding: in this case, he converted naysayers into doers. Matters were handled in a proper manner, safely – no blood in the road – and, importantly, no trash left on the ground. Now isn’t there some office into which we can elect him?

  2. Tim Smith is a master problem solver. There isn’t a community based issue that he doesn’t know how to remedy. He is proof that it only takes ‘one person’ to start the ball rolling towards an inevitable successful and happy ending. Give thanks to Tim!

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