Write – in Candidate, ordered to Court Friday!

     Jessica Heinecker is 24 years old, a candidate for County Commissioner, and finding herself in the big-time world of William Scherer lawsuits!


    Heinecker came home from work last night to a subpoena on her door, instructing her to be in court on Friday.


     “It’s weird”, says Heinecker, “I have to testify, about what, I have no clue!” And what’s even weirder, says Heinecker,  “there are people lurking” [outside her workplace], asking people about her.

     Pundits have been speculating about whether Heinecker is a real candidate, or just another “sham” candidate, put in the race to make sure Republicans can’t vote in the Democratic primary later this month. Heinecker told me that no one put her in the race, that she doesn’t know any of the candidates. 

    Heinecker says she got in the race for “personal growth”, and when she realized she could get in – “seized the opportunity”.She says this should “prepare her for the future”. She doesn’t actually think she can win, but expects some votes from “family and friends”.

    Heinecker also is perturbed that people (like me )have focused her side business as a self-employed Make-Up Artist, instead of her day job as a property manager. She sent me a “daytime” picture of herself, probably what we’d see on the dais – 


     Before the dais, let’s see how she does on the witness stand Friday!





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