Why Vote Trantalis ?

     There is a Fort Lauderdale City Election in just twelve days,  on Tuesday, January 15th.


Did you know that? 

     You might not, because there is only one thing on the ballot, the primary of the special election for District II City Commissioner. Only those of you who live in District II will get a chance to vote this time, but all of you taxpayers will be paying for it – about $225,000!

That’s because former City Commissioner Rodstrom quit her Commission seat just weeks after winning it last year, and ran for a County Commission seat (which she lost). The City Charter says there must be a special election to fill the seat. So now Rodstrom is running for that same City Commission seat – all over again!

    Three others are in the race.

        Lester Zalewski

          Chuck Black

          Dean Trantalis

     I’m voting for Trantalis.

     I’ve supported Charlotte Rodstrom in the past, but can’t this time.


     It’s time for both Rodstroms (John and Charlotte) to take a break. Between the two of them, they have served almost forty years in government. And John Rodstrom reportedly has over a half million in government pension benefits due him from his long elected service.


     John was term limited out this year as a County Commissioner, but a friend, attorney William Scherer, sued to try and overturn the citizen-  voted term limits, so John could serve another forty years – ( the lawsuit failed).

     So out of the remaining three candidates, Dean Trantalis is the best choice by far. He is exceedingly bright, mannered, knows how to work the City system, having served for three years as District II City Commissioner, and seems to have found a new passion to serve again.

     The other two candidates, Black and Zawleski have strengths, but neither is prepared for the difficult job as District II City Commissioner.

     I say vote Trantalis.


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