Nomad Nancy Update

     Nancy is still homeless –  still living on the ground in a Fort Lauderdale park.

     Two weeks ago, I introduced you to Nancy. She has disabilities, is a hopeless alcoholic, and has been homeless since her mother died, and the house was sold.
     She has been living in the city park for about 6 months, rain or shine. This morning, on my regular morning walk, I checked to see if anything had been done about Nancy.


     It hasn’t.

     After I informed officials about Nancy weeks ago, I figured the professionals would swoop in and find the right place for Nancy. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

      Instead, I was copied on this e-mail from some of those officials,  just yesterday – 

     Phil and Sandi, as a f/u on this the Rangers checked the park last few day for
this person they were not in the park at the time we checked.

Gerald Roberts

Captain Park Rangers
Public Safety Liaison
Parks & Rec Administration
City of Fort Lauderdale 

I called again yesterday, and they asked me to meet with a Park Ranger. I agreed, offering to lead him to Nancy’s lair. 


     Nancy stays just behind the 6th Silver Buttonwood tree, off the highway – we could see her from the parking lot as the Officer was taking the report. The Ranger took it seriously, and I hope he can bring in the right resources.

     Anyhow, on my way back home, I came across Nancy leaving her lair, undoubtedly for her first breakfast beer. She was with another girl, Tammy, who has now joined Nancy in park life. Yikes!


     Nancy told me she has been molested, been sogged from the rain, has no circulation in her legs, has trouble talking, but still resides here on a dirty blanket, on the ground, under the 6th Silver Buttonwood tree…………

                         Is this the best we can do?    

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