Who’s Winning Mayor and Commissioner Races?

     It’s what everyone wants to know……. Who’s ahead? ………Who’s going to win?



     The Finish Line is in sight. The Primary is only about 4 weeks away! And only one of the four Fort Lauderdale Mayoral Candidates and only one Commissioner Candidate from each District will cross the line first.


          Will the favorite win? 

                          ……. that’s the safe bet….. but how about the one that puts  

       in the hard work…….keeps on going  … never gives up !              

   …….and then there’s the longshot, he may not look like the winner, but anything is possible in politics!                                                   

                                                                                                 ……  and never count out the unusual candidates, sometimes they draw the affections of the voters!   

       ……………. Since everybody’s wondering if anyone has an edge,  we decided to try and find out !

     So we’re about to conduct a Voter Poll . This Friday, after the Candidate Qualifying period is closed, this blog will be calling 100’s and 100’s of the City’s Super Voters! …..Please answer the phone!

      We’ve had a professional company prepare the survey, and they tell me that it should be quite accurate. We will ask those that almost always vote in City Elections who they are currently leaning to, and why. We will try and find out if their support is firm or flimsy. We will ask if they’ve even heard of the candidates! Should be quite revealing.

     We will be giving you the results early next week!. Can you wait?

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