Who Won, What They Won, and What’s Next?

     Thanks for humoring me and playing along with my ” how did the Smith’s spend their summer vacation” pictorial quiz!

     Believe it or not, 546 bloggers signed in to read that post yesterday, including some new readers from the U.K. ( why – I don’t know! ).

     Anyhow, I can now report that although you readers to this blog profess that you are the swiftest of the swift, none of you got it exactly right.

     Having said that, you basically got it right collectively.

     Ray rightly called the starting point of the road trip, Portland, Maine, Jim figured out the midpoint, Great White Mountains in New Hampshire, and quite a few of you figured out the final destination, Montreal, Canada! ( Thank you to George and Caldwell for admitting you cheated with Google .)

     So I’ve decided to give all of you the Grand Prize – a one week stay in the new luxury cabin we bought in the shadow of the mountains in Vermont  …..


     I thought it looked like it leaned a bit to the left, but here is Cindy convincing me that it was just an optical illusion!

     Call Cindy for your reservations !

     Oh, and what’s next? …… 

     Coming this week, some analysis of the changing of the political districts,

    …… and, why the Commission might now be considering blessing some commercial stores by the Las Olas bridge after having to settle a lawsuit for a half a million dollars a few months back, for the last Commission stopping commercial stores by the Las Olas bridge – go figure !

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