Fun First !

     Political heat is picking up in Fort Lauderdale as the summer is ending, and there are a few good controversies brewing that I’m itching to share with you!

     But first, I thought I’d have a little fun!

     You see, Cindy and I were hating summer, too hot, and decided to get away to a cooler climate for a week. We just got back, and I decided to see how smart you really are !!

     Here are some pictorial clues  ….  let me know how long it took for you to figure it out! ( if you do! ) 


     It was a road trip, though we came across this airport we could have flown into !

     There were some things that looked just like home !

     We came across this historic house they were trying to save ( the little sign says ” Friends of the Gingerbread House” . Would Charles King be calling this Gingerbread Junk?

     And apparently, the City Commission might not have been being too helpful, as evidenced by the next picture!


     Anyhow, back to your quiz ! 

     Our summer vacation was far away, in a distant land! And they had funny rules ! Look how fast they let you drive down their country roads!


     And with these roadside dangers, that seemed really foolhardy!


     OK, only two clues left !!

     When you give them your good hard earned money for some cookies and milk, they hand you back monopoly money!


     The final destination of the road trip was worth the odd trip there! Here is one of their cultural icons, the third largest Dome in the world  …..

                                Saint Joseph’s Oratory

     OK, go for it! ….  Guess where we spent our summer vacation and win the big prize! 

                                       Tim and Cindy


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