Who Wants Charlotte’s Seat?

      Fort Lauderdale Vice Mayor Charlotte Rodstrom will have to submit her resignation for her City Commissioner seat next month, (the one she won a few months back!) as she is running for the County Commission seat currently held by her husband, County Mayor John Rodstrom ( who is term limited, we think, but the Florida Supreme Court will say definitively next month).

     But Rodstrom won’t have to quit the City just then, as the resignation won’t take effect until the County Commission election day in November. 
     If Rodstrom wins in November, it’s off to the County Commission, and a special election is called to fill her City Commission seat. If she loses, most people think she would be able to join in and run in the special election to regain her old seat. ( The law regulating that is somewhat murky, and the lawyers haven’t opined yet).

     But there are some that aren’t waiting to see how that plays out –  they are poised and ready to start running for the open District II City Commission seat now!

      Here’s what I’m hearing

Lester Zalewski,
who ran against Rodstrom last time around, says he is running.

 William Stanton, who ran LXR, locally ( think Bahia Mar), until last year, and has served on numerous Boards around the City, is telling folks that he is looking at getting in.

  Friends of Bradford Cohen, local criminal lawyer and infamous for being fired by Donald Trump on Apprentice, say Cohen is toying with idea of running again ( he ran in the District II open seat in 2003), and has recently run and won the President seat of the neighborhood Progresso Village.

Steve Glassman, who ran the Central Beach Alliance for quite awhile, and ran  unsuccessfully against Rodstrom in 2006, says he is looking at running for this open seat, but hasn’t made his mind up yet.

 Chuck Black, President of the Lake Ridge neighborhood, and  former head of the City’s Navy League, is talking to people about possibly getting in.

 Former District II Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis, who didn’t run for re-election after his first term (2003-2006), but came back three years later to run for the open Mayor seat election that Jack Seiler won, has told friends he is definitely running for the seat, and will probably announce next month when Rodstrom submits her resignation.

      There is only one person who some rumors say might run, that I’ve been able to put the rumor to rest- because he says unequivocally that he won’t run…. no way…no how !..


                         Let me know if you’ve heard anyone else thinking of running

                                                        …. Tim

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