Sistrunk Makes It To Federal ?


Earlier in the week, it looked like Sistrunk Blvd. had made it all the way to Federal Highway!


You see, lots of efforts have been put into our most needy part of the City for the last few years, including this multi- million dollar road project on Sistrunk Blvd.

     And this week, the new signs went up for that project, but inexplicably, Sistrunk Blvd. crept eastward, all the way to Federal Highway (Sistrunk used to stop at Andrews Ave.) 


     But that didn’t last long.

     Victoria Park resident and rogue activist Charles King saw it and sent an e-mail inquiry to Commissioner Rodstrom’s office.


      Here are some excerpts from King’s inquiry –

     It must be a mistake or a conspiracy at this point so late in the game, one or the other. It isn’t just one sign, there are a bunch of permanent ones along those streets through there. I just think if they were going to change addresses and rename the street for 3 blocks, they should have told people first, publically….
     From my point of view as a 39 years old native, Sistrunk Boulevard is probably the scariest street in Broward County, a place where terrible crimes, drugs and prostitution went on for decades without anyone caring……
     Saddling Flagler Village with that baggage would be highly counterproductive to getting young professionals who might be living with their parents right now out in the western suburbs to move to an area bordering Sistrunk Blvd. The young people might not care but the parents most certainly will. …. 

      …. doing it as a giant secret if this isn’t a mistake is really wrong…..
     I keep re-hearing Commissioner Dubose’s words in my ears from the late night you guys voted to give that government subsidized low income developer $125,000 in taxpayer CRA dollars. He gave a little speech about “being the most offended he had ever been in his entire life that night” and that the government subsidized low income high-rise towers proposed being part of the process of “finally crossing the tracks in this city.”

Well King can worry no longer – according to the City, the Sistrunk street signs were a mistake, and the signs have been removed – east of Andrews …


     ….. the signs remain, over by the RR Tracks, where many think Sistrunk still belongs!

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