Well, I’ll Be Damned !

     I wrote, a few posts back, about former Fort Lauderdale bigshots Allyson Love and David Hebert ending up being Assistant City Managers in Homestead, Florida, working there for their former boss in Fort Lauderdale,  George Gretsas.

   Gretsas in car, Naugle in dog suit

I told you that I called to talk to them about working in Homestead for George, that I’d left a message, and that I’d let you know, “if by some miracle”, they returned the call!

     Now I can officially say that miracles do happen!

    Hello Commissioner, David Hebert said. You called, and you called Allyson Love, and we are both here returning your call. I was surprised.

     We chatted a few minutes, Love said I was always fair, and I told Hebert that he was always honorable in my dealings with him.

     “Bet you won’t put that in your blog”, Hebert said.

     ” I will”, I countered, “but I’ll also say you didn’t belong in the Police Department”, I followed.

     ” That’s OK by me”, he said, but I disagree with you, he added.

      poster about Hebert/Police controversy
                       by Cal Deal 

     We spoke another minute or so, Hebert said the Homestead people were salt of the earth, and Allyson said her commute wasn’t too bad, “just down the turnpike”.

     Now if I could only get Gretsas to return my call !


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