Incumbency Headaches

     Running for re-election, as an incumbent, has mostly advantages – money, name recognition etc., but it can also have a few disadvantages!

     Meet two of the disadvantages!


     Vicki Eckels and Ray Dettman, both leaders in Fort Lauderdale District IV, don’t back the incumbent’s re-election effort.

     The incumbent, who is just finishing his first term is Romney Rogers.

That’s Rogers on the right with former County Commissioner Jim Scott, who was beaten by challenger Ken Keechl, who was beaten by challenger – now Commissioner Chip LaMarca ( yes, the incumbent doesn’t always win).

     Dettman, who has been a neighborhood President in more than one District IV neighborhood,  says he is backing Roger’s challenger Jackie Scott. 

     Dettman says “I am supporting her because I want Change and Maybe Jackie Scott is the answer, and Jackie Scott has put the time in and deserves a term.” 

Eckels is also backing Scott. She says she wants a Commissioner that “sees the reality of what a large part of their district is experiencing, not just their small comfort zone”.

     Rogers might have to work to gain re-election.


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