Voting Early and Easy!

……..  v22

………   I just voted, and it was easy as pie!


…… You can early vote right now. I was reminded of that when I drove past the Wilton Manors City Hall this morning and saw this sign.

……  And I was impressed. It took me all of 8 minutes, from parking at the free meters, walking in ( they only want to see your Drivers License) voting, and gone.

……. There were voting workers every 3 feet, you couldn’t screw up if you tried. I told the ladies out front how impressed I was and took one of their pictures …..




…..well, kind of !


……As I was leaving, one of the advocates asked me if I voted their way –




…….   hell yea 🙂


4 Replies to “Voting Early and Easy!”

  1. I early voted at the Art Serve on East Sunrise Blvd, on Tuesday Morning. Then I shopped at Publix across the street! Everyone was nice at this voting location too. Voting and Shopping were a pleasure!

  2. Early voting should be as easy as you described Tim, w/ the money we pay for the Superisor Of elections Off. I should be careful Dr.Snipes and esp. staff are sprewing the only reason I go after that office is because I had to forfeit my voting rights( I’ll get it back-trust me). Not true. Dr.Snipes had nothing to do w/ me losing my voter card. I came to her. It was some(sic) of her overzealous staff(huh Fatso). Oh yeah hard on from here to Cleveland. You should have heard some of them. Anyhow I am glad that early voting is going smoothly as you point out. PS. -Tell Dean come Hell or high water I will find a challenger to beat him. (sorry Corthianians it was your gay old boy Dino here why you are getting that monster of a bldg. next door to you. )

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