Voting Early and Easy!

……..  v22

………   I just voted, and it was easy as pie!


…… You can early vote right now. I was reminded of that when I drove past the Wilton Manors City Hall this morning and saw this sign.

……  And I was impressed. It took me all of 8 minutes, from parking at the free meters, walking in ( they only want to see your Drivers License) voting, and gone.

……. There were voting workers every 3 feet, you couldn’t screw up if you tried. I told the ladies out front how impressed I was and took one of their pictures …..




…..well, kind of !


……As I was leaving, one of the advocates asked me if I voted their way –




…….   hell yea 🙂


4 Replies to “Voting Early and Easy!”

  1. Voted yesterday at Coral Ridge Mall. In and out on less than 10 minutes. Poll workers were very friendly too. Great experience. Nice bakery next door too! Highly recommend early voting!

  2. I early voted at the Art Serve on East Sunrise Blvd, on Tuesday Morning. Then I shopped at Publix across the street! Everyone was nice at this voting location too. Voting and Shopping were a pleasure!

  3. Early voting should be as easy as you described Tim, w/ the money we pay for the Superisor Of elections Off. I should be careful Dr.Snipes and esp. staff are sprewing the only reason I go after that office is because I had to forfeit my voting rights( I’ll get it back-trust me). Not true. Dr.Snipes had nothing to do w/ me losing my voter card. I came to her. It was some(sic) of her overzealous staff(huh Fatso). Oh yeah hard on from here to Cleveland. You should have heard some of them. Anyhow I am glad that early voting is going smoothly as you point out. PS. -Tell Dean come Hell or high water I will find a challenger to beat him. (sorry Corthianians it was your gay old boy Dino here why you are getting that monster of a bldg. next door to you. )

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