Updates and an Invitation!

     You regular readers will remember the effort to have a little street over off of Northeast 13th Street renamed   …………………..
                                         Gerry Cooper’s Way

     It’s in recognition of all the things Cooper donated to in these parts, and all the years of volunteering on many City Boards…. and you might remember that we purposely decided to call it Gerry Cooper’s Way, with the apostrophe, (with a double entendre), because Gerry was known as doing things Gerry’s way!

     You may also remember that the City wouldn’t pay the $300 necessary for the street sign, ( though they have paid for other such signs)  so we asked you to pledge a dollar or more to make it happen!

     It took a while, but you made it happen ( and made my wallet pretty full of $1 bills !)

                       So now you are all invited to 


     The highlights will be the famous Randall’s – Sausage and Green and Red Pepper subs, and the local 60’s – 70’s band Sunday’s at Five …. (everything’s free) …. The Mayor, City Manager, and some Commissioners will be in attendance  …..


         NEXT …….

     We reported last on the campaign bucks that the Mayor and Commissioners have received for their re-election efforts.

     I told you that Commissioner Dubose was in the large money lead, and that Commissioner Roberts  was bringing up the rear….  But, as it turns out, Roberts reports were not all listed on the City Clerk reports, due to some glitches in reporting law enforcement addresses…

    And now I can report that Roberts has surpassed Commissioner Rogers. Roberts now has $13,595.00, edging out Rogers by a few thousand – I’ll stay on top of this interesting horse race!


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