Ft. Lauderdale Commission Election – Follow the Money

     You’ve been asking me what the hell is going on?

     …. the elections for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, the Big Dog Commission in the County, is only a couple of months away, and you want to know who is running against the incumbents! Well, here are the …. 

…. and their challengers 


  …..  No image available ? …
that’s because there aren’t any challengers, as of now. There are a number of reasons for this, I think.
    For one thing, this Commission hasn’t been embarrassing us like former Commissions. They’ve been hard at work. Taxes haven’t gone up, and the proverbial trains are running on time, for the most part. 

     They finally got a new City Manager, and the confusion with the redistricting might have played a part.

     Also, it’s still not too late, and I bet at least one challenger will file!

     But regardless of whether the pols have any competition,  there’s still plenty of money filling their warchests. just in case! So here’s the breakdown, so far,  on who got what, from whom, and how much* (the why you’ll have to figure out for yourself .

             *info comes from the Fort Lauderdale Clerk’s office.


     Mayor Seiler …..

     You’d think Jack would have the biggest warchest, but he only comes in second ( that’s why he gets 2 dollar signs) with $21,475.00 so far.

     His take was mostly in $250. increments, which is the maximum people can give in Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale has the most restrictive campaign financing system in the County due to a policy adopted in 2002 ( introduced by me!).

     Seiler has the usual lobbyists ( Ron Book and wife, George Platt and wife, Tom Mcdonald, the usual lawyers (Lochrie, Tilbrook, Crush, Milledge, Coker, Don Hall), and some usual developers Peter Henn, Loos, and Motwani.

     Jim Naugle donated, as did Chris Wren (from the DDA) Jack Lokinsky ( from the Police Union) and Susan and Bill Telli (the sham petitioner in the effort to get rid of Term Limits).

     Judy Stern is in for $250.

     The most unusual donation was from fellow Commissioner Romney Rogers.

 District I
Commissioner Roberts

     Bruce has raised the least so far at $6600.00. 

     Most all came in $250. increments. Attorneys Lochrie, Hall, Crush, Milledge, Tilbrook, developer Motwani, and Judy Stern, in again for $250.

District II
Commissioner Rodstrom
(just seeing if you’re
paying attention)

     Charlotte came in a close third with $19,130.00, most all in $250. increments. 

     Again, the usual lawyers, but more of them – Lochrie, Crush, Tilbrook, Milledge, Moskowitz, Holland, and Hall.

     The lobbyists – Mcdonald, Platt, (with five family members), Ron Book and wife.

     The developers ( yep, I said developers) – Motwani and Loos.

     City bigshots like Jesse Gaddis, Barbara Jones, Doug Eagon, Mctigue, Abdo, Chapelle, Gustafson, and  Maroone.
The term limit Tellis are in for $250.

     And Judy Stern is in for $250.!

District III
Commissioner Dubose


     He’s smiling because he’s – 

          ……. the big money winer with $28,227.

     Bobby’s got what all the others have, just more of it,

     Add Caldwell Cooper, Bob Huebner, every breathing Forman, Stiles, Morgan, Art Kennedy, Toothakeer, Tripp, Ali Waldman, Mitch Berger, Murray, and famed lobbyist Bernie Friedman.

     Dubose also raised money from every fraternity name I’ve ever heard of – Kappa, Alpha, Delta, Sigma, Theta, Phi – you name it!

     Dubose had the most small donations as well as the most $250. donations, with a lot of $50., $100., and one $75 donation.

     And , Judy Stern is in for $250.

     Also add ( for the unusual) Efrem Zimbalist III ( father produced the F.B.I. T.V. show?), in for $250.

District IV
Commissioner Rogers

 Cal Deal picture ( I think)

     Romney edged out Roberts to take fourth place ( hence the four dollar signs) , with $11,125.00. 

     Roger’s donaters were similar as the rest, included all the Formans
, Lochrie, Loos, and Platt, but I couldn’t find Judy Stern  anywhere ( probably a temporary glitch).

     Rogers benefitted from the term limit duo Tellis, and received the max from Guardabassi ( infamous father wrote anti-gay missives).

     Jack Seiler returned the favor and donated to colleague Rogers.


     Stay tuned for announcement of a campaign debate I’m thinking of sponsoring, even if it’s only the incumbents!


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