Update ! …. Stabbing,Thugs,Blood, … Relief?

     Word has it that relief may be on the way.

     The decision to transfer the Fort Lauderdale Police Street Crimes Unit back into Patrol has been reversed!

     You’ll remember that the new Police Chief, Frank Adderley, created the powerful Special Force to turn back rising crime rates and nagging street crimes. Adderley knew how productive those teams could be, as he was a Special Team member himself, back in the day…. see below!

                                 Adderley, with former Chief McCarthy (in street clothes) behind him

      But a new City Commission, with a mission to cut government spending, sent City Officials scrambling for ways to cut, and it nearly nixed the cost-effective squad.

      Street crimes lurched forward, and neighborhoods from SR 84 to Wilton Manors began to feel the pain – and complain!

      Chief Adderley says the Unit is back in action – bad guys beware! 


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