Stabbing, Blood, Thugs, and 911

     While the new City Commission wrestles with forecasted budget woes, some areas in the City are feeling the effects already, in blood on the streets!

     Yesterday, horrified neighbors and business owners watched as a 30 year-old crackhead was stabbed in broad daylight by a group of drug dealing thugs at the busy intersection of Dixie Hwy. and NE 13th Street. And as the onlookers feverishly tried to call 911, no one answered, (more about that in a minute).

     Things had been greatly improving in the area, with new Police Chief Frank Adderley’s special Street Crimes Unit, but the City Administration has reportedly ordered reductions in the Police Departments budgeted overtime, and the Special Unit has been ordered back into Patrol duties. Crime in the area is quickly getting worse.

                                                                       Chief Adderley and former Chief Roberts

Here’s how yesterday’s mayhem played out:

………….   the bloodied man’s screams got everybody’s attention. The area business owners darted outside to see what the fracas was all about. ” He was covered with blood, staggering around the intersection yelling –  I’ve been stabbed“, said Katherine Barry, Director of the non-profit, Home’s Inc., which builds and maintains homes and apartments for aged out foster kids and other needy folks. “Cars were slamming on their breaks to dodge him, it’s a wonder no one ran him down”.

     Many of those watching began to call 911. But nobody was home! ” I let it ring at least 30 times”, said one bystander, who asked not to be identified. Others reported the same problems as they called 911. [ The 911 Call Center  is not run by the Fort Lauderdale Police, but by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.] 
      “And the stabbing thugs just hung around and went into the Super Duper Liquors to get a bottle like they weren’t the slightest bit worried”, said 13th Street Alliance V.P. Randall Klett.

     Still awaiting a Police response, Barry, a woman small in stature, but big in chutzpah, decided to follow the thugs as they left the area. “I didn’t want them to get away” explained Barry, “so followed them into the park, but my high heels were slowing me down”.

      Neighbors finally got through to Fort Lauderdale Police by calling them directly at the Police Station, but by then, the thugs had made their get-a-way. The crackhead was transported to the hospital.

      Police Administration officials say they are frustrated. They say that everyone “likes to say Public Safety is priority one”, but do they really mean it?



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