Update on Lost Park Land

     Just a month back, Commissioner Tim Ryans’ plan to double the size of one of the Citys’ parks was thwarted by former Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom.


     Ryan was trying to move funds from an arsenic laden lot that is on a park-land funding list, and sits to the south of the park. That land can’t be bought due to the arsenic.

     Ryan was attempting to move the funds to a bigger (and cheaper) lot, on the parks’ northern boundary.

      Rodstrom opposed moving the funds from the arsenic lot, and enlisted one of her key supporters, neighborhood President Laura Croscenko, in opposing it.

       Croscenko on right

  Days after opposing the park land addition, Rodstrom signs covered that lots’ fencing, reportedly placed there by Croscenko.


     The campaign is over, but the signs are still there. There is some hope that the land will still become park land, now that a new City Commissioner (Trantalis) has been elected.

      In the meantime, here is how the land has looked for the last few weeks!


             ……………  thanks Laura and Charlotte !



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