South Side School Cluster F%$#@*

     South Side School …..

Pictured above is a very old photo of the Southside School. The caption tells how the historic Fort Lauderdale school was built in 1922, enlarged in the 1940’s, but closed in 1967.

    Then it goes on to say that “the City took on the admirable job of restoring it for a community center”.

     Well, not exactly!

     The restoration has been a nightmare…  mold and many millions in overruns later, the original estimate of $4 million (when former
Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson  proposed the project) is up around $12 million and counting.


     An update was given at this weeks’ City Commission meeting.
         The City Manager called it “the project from deep recesses of lots of places”. Activist Donna Morganhaven called the mismanaged project  “purgatory”.

     Council of Civic Associations President Marilyn Mammano said “we’re in the situation of horrible choices”.

     But the brand new Commissioner, Dean Trantalis, is standing alone in calling for a way out ” I don’t see spending another $2 million on this project” 

     We haven’t seen the last of this boondoggle!


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