Trantalis Secret ?

…… So Commissioner Dean Trantalis sent out an e-mail- invitation to supporters today that has left some wondering …..

Here is the invite –



……  I got a few calls and e-mails about the line in the invite where Trantalis  says – Announcing BIG Election Plans

…..   The calls I got were like “BIG Plans? …He’s running for Mayor isn’t he , come on, tell me Tim!”

Though I do know the answer, I’m not going to ruin Deans’ big  announcement by telling you here! ….  but I’ll give you three guesses- how’s that sound? …..  and we’ll all know for sure Tuesday! Here’s your choices –

1.) Trantalis has been picked by Charlie Christ to be his in house lawyer in Tallahassee?




2.) Trantalis is running for Mayor?




3.) Trantalis is running for his District II seat again, and just wanted a little drama ?


………………   what do you think?

14 Replies to “Trantalis Secret ?”

  1. I think Trantalis already ran for Mayor against Seiler and lost. Could he be looking for another round? Or is Seiler leaving for Talahasee?

  2. I honestly hope it is none of the above. I was one of his supporters until he didn’t come through on promises, and he forgot real quick who his loyal followers were, and kissed the a#**’s of negative neighborhood/condo blowhards. Hopefully they will gt him elected this time……….Sure wish you would run for office Tim

  3. Wish you made a big announcement!

    Dean forgot all the people that helped him get the extra votes. What promises did he keep? He turned his back on his supporters.

    As a former supporter I will remember “Burn me once shame on you. Burn me twice shame on me.”

  4. Along with Dean’s team of henchmen I hope the upcoming announcement does not expand his web any further.
    ( wishful thinking)

  5. I bet he’s joined forces with Earl and Charlie to take over the City. Or maybe he’s been hired by his good friend David Hebert to be his boy toy. Or maybe nothing is happening and it’s just another one of Deans lies

  6. Well I will go to the big party.
    This place runs a good coffee house during the day.
    Tim you should come. Good place for photo ops and seeming to be cutting edge with the people.
    Bad street lights, bad street, you know the things that I ran to improve.
    For those of you that don’t remember I ran against Dean for District II.
    So my attendance is based on curiosity. Always willing to give a man a chance.

    1. Second chances are not to be given out like lollipops. People in power thrive on second chances so they can pad their pockets and do further harm.
      Have fun at the party and remember to take along plenty of hand sanitizer.

  7. I don’t know what promises were broken, or did the un-named writers above just make up their remarks. I’m in district 2 and was a supporter.
    While I and most other supporters I know didn’t ask for any specific promises, as we have gone along Dean has always asked our opinions and agreed with us or has given good reasons for having a different opinion. Frankly, I’m more than pleased with Dean and will support him and work for his election again, whatever he runs for.
    signed, Fred Carlson

  8. First of all its just cheap that Birthday boy here stole Charlotte Rodstroms email list etc, (wait) then takes them all not to inform us but rather to get money from us. I mean coudn’t he get his own list. He is not running for mayor. You better hope Dean you don’t get a canidate to go up aginst you. W/ all your drama my late mother’s dog(molly) could beat you w/ the ex-boyfriend, to who was and wasn’t living w/ him etc . Will see…..

  9. If you look at the invite, it has the required language about being paid for by the 2014 Dean Trantalis campaign for District II Commissioner. Why is everyone so stupid? Especially Lester Zalewski.

    1. We the everyone, especially me!

      Apologize for not explaining this to those that do no know the city.
      The address is not in Fort Lauderdale. That would put the mailing in the area of false advertizing.

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