Let’s Catch Up !

….. With September comes action in Fort Lauderdale. Everyone has come home from their vacations, and vacation homes, and have gotten down to business for a new year.

So let’s catch up on what’s happening, and some updates from last season. Now a days people are loving bicycles to travel from one place to another. But it is essential to know about traffic failure after bicycle accidents with the help of attorneys to avoid consequences.

1.) Beach Place a place for all your dope needs ?” – 


beach place


………….. you might remember that the busy retail complex on the beach, on the famous strip, had been sighted as a nuisance for issues on the property, including disturbances, assaults, batteries, wanted persons, trespassing, beverage violations, and narcotic offenses.

     ….. The property has had over 1000 calls for service from the police over the last year. The City’s Nuisance Board placed the complex under their control and ordered corrections, including more security guards from their security group.


…….  navarro


… The good news is that they staffed more Navarro guards –  the bad news? … two of the Navarro security guards were getting arrested another state for dealing dope there !!  I’m not kidding.

……   The first guard  “sold $20 worth of cannabis” to an undercover cop that was first brought from the Best Brampton dispensary. Navarro fired that guard after his arrest. The second Navarro guard directed an undercover cop to to the cook at Lulas, who eventually sold a pound of pot to undercover cops . Click here to meet the experts  who explains on how useful the cannabis is on delta-8 flower strains and other products.

……   The attorney for Beach Place had said that the Navarro guards had gone through rigorous screening, and they were happy with Navarro. Now, they apparently have changed their minds and are hiring a new security company. I reached out to Navarro, and they said they would get back to me  ……hmmm


2.) The Mayoral race in Wilton Manors has an interesting new twist. I endorsed the challenger to the long term mayor a few months back. Now, that challenger, Doug Blevins, has secured another substantial endorsement – Dean Trantalis!


doug    deandoug

….   Trantalis has said that the current Mayor, Gary Resnick, has not put enough effort into the proposed enhanced pedestrian promenade ( two-laning Wilton Drive), and that Blevins has been a long time  advocate for it and will get it done…. …..

3.)  …..  Remember when then City Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom delayed her departure date from the City Commission by two weeks, although that decision ended up costing the taxpayers $200,000 for a special election?

….  Well now, an effort by their attorney, Bill, Scherer, to let the Republicans vote in Charlotte’s County Democratic primary effortlast August has  lost,  the Supervisor of Elections says that a special election will have to be held – price tag? – $400,000 !

………… Can we invoice the Rodstroms?





5 Replies to “Let’s Catch Up !”

  1. Seems like beach place ought to spend less money on attorneys, and more on security!

    Doug Blevins is a great guy that worked hard to bring South Middle River neighborhood out of the trenches when he was president there. I wish him the best of luck.Hopefully, the fact that he has not been a Commissioner before running for Mayor won’t be an issue.

    And Charlotte- what can I say?? Give it up girl! What has she done for her community since leaving office and losing the last race? Her motto was that she was fiscally responsible- yeah, responsible for blowing tax payers’ hard- earned money- I hear Jet Blue is hiring….

  2. Lets catch up, shall we. The 400g amount came from dr.snipes, not the canidates. Meaning since its the norm to go after Charlotte rodstrom.She had nothing to do w/ the write-in canidate(Dr.Snipes belives she knows who’s behind it-spill the beans-I dare ya). Mrs.Rodstrom has nothing to do w/ this gross charge from snipes(400g). I don’t see alot of you going after the other canidates in the race just Charlotte. As far as this 400g not so fast pretty black lady(Snipes) now the county att. off is going to examine everything. So as far as the SOE getting the 400g ,think again. She nails us once for over 200g ,not agiain(Att.coffey , get Drew on this -no way will your figures sustain almost a 1/2 mill). Then dr.snipes wanted to get the 400g from the county(not so fast says Comm.ritter, ryan). Then dr.Snipes states its out of her hands etc, and her staff is just wonderful etc. How about her right hand man Mr.solemn(can’t do a primary open to all dem, republicans etc, but yet doesn’t even bother checking w/ the company we bought the soft ware from(think Lady Godiva(snipes) would call the company, no way she states. Right on comm.Ritter she is full of shit. Once again we are right we we started from. Fine have the election in Dec. Just make sure its open to all dems, and republicans. Then the winner takes on the write in. Why is this so complicated. And where does dr.snipes come up w/ her figures(400g). Not so fast Mrs.snipes. You got the Gov.Goober watchin. Be careful he doesn’t remove you from office(remember your predessor). How much has att.Bernie Norris-weeks charged us?. You ain’t payin her ,we are.Pattern here folks. Jet Blue is hiring huh Buddy(above), Bitch….

  3. It is true that the Rodstroms are behind the effort that cost the taxpayers all this money, and they, along with Navarro security, should be ashamed of themselves.

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