Toy Give Away Fills The Heart !

….It was the fifth year that the Central City Alliance,  (yours truly – humble President 🙂 threw a jumbo Christmas Party for the most deserving little elementary students !  ….. The deserving kids were picked from local elementary schools by the principals using two criteria – 1.) they were getting super duper grades, and 2.) they came from really tough conditions  –




As usual, they were the cutest little bunch of tots imaginable, and after lots of food, live music, and fun and games around the park, the Big Event happened –




….. that’s right, Santa Claus arrived !   … And as there is no snow here in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Santa used his good ole Ford Model T ( special thanks to Bruce Bunker and Commissioner Robert Mckinzie)


……  Most of the rest of the City Commission ( yes, Santa was really Commissioner Mckinzie, but don’t read this to the little tots), and as always, Mayor Seiler,  were there to help Santa hand out the 100’s of toys, donated by lots of members of the community  ..





…….. p4


………………….    and a great time was had by all !!



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  1. Tim… I didn’t see this was going on. What an awesome project. Is there a mailing list I can get on so I don’t miss the next one? Thanks…

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