Tonight Downtown

Fort Lauderdale –  …… So much fun !

Tonight, as I’ve done for years, I got on my bicycle and headed downtown to watch the  Boat Parade!

But tonight would be different than the other years…. Sure, the Boat Parade was there alright –



All lit up, big crowds  …. sensational as usual  ….  but something was far different tonight…..  Blocks before I got to the river, there were big crowds in the streets!  …And I mean IN the streets!



I thought right away  – this isn’t part of Winterfest ….. What was this  parade all about?  …. Was  it a political rally?




After-all, there was that odd Commissioner Roberts sign that someone from the crowd had left behind, leaned up against a light pole!


And then the biggy-big sign of the Mayor !




And this was no ordinary crowd, as crowds go……  No!  … Kind of a motley crowd!  … But I tell ya, they had one hell of a Police detail with them!



Mounted Patrol, SWAT, Patrol cars by the dozens! ….Must have been 100 cops !  ….All following “the crowd”.

The crowd was moving in unison, like a big lizard, and they were all chanting together that they couldn’t breathe ….”I can’t breathe –  I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”! Maybe it was the United Asthma Foundation or something!



Anyhow, they all turned down Las Olas, and I went on straight to the river to watch the boats –

Seemed our FLPD had everything firmly under control 🙂


Fort Lauderdale – So much fun !!


5 Replies to “Tonight Downtown”

  1. Good for the demonstrators. We need more political involvement by the unrepresented masses who “refuse to take it anymore.” We need more people to take to the streets and to demonstrate against our toxic, unsympathetic mayor, city commissioners and government at all levels..

    1. They were protesting the “injustices” that occurred in New York and Missouri. All they succeeded in doing was to anger motorists trying to get to their destinations. No point was made. Just like you r comment.

  2. They “crowd” looks like the drug dealers on bikes that troll NW 13th Avenue or the squatters that take over vacant houses and sell drugs and have loud, illegal “house parties” in parking lots both north and south of NW 13th Street. I understood after the Diallo death in Harlem, the Tray Von Martin case here in Florida and other incidients of un-armed, lawfully walking Black youths and men people should be upset, but what that has to do with the City of Fort Lauderdale or Winterfest is beyond me. As for the “Feeding the Homeless” business, these arctivists FROM ALL WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS OUTSIDE OF FORT LAUDERDALE HOW HAVE NO HOMELESS are just the usual “Parlour Pinks” using legitimate concerns of the Black community to stir up trouble, not solutions to serious problems. Commissioner Bruce Roberts, who served honourably as Chief of Police, and Mayor Jack Seiler, who as both a State Representative and Mayor of Wilton Manors worked for homeless and minorities do not deserve these attacks. The decent people of all of Fort Lauderdale are under attack from the guttersnips of the area. In every country I am visiting, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, there are people with various problems from poverty to drugs or mental illness, but no one thinks breaking up people’s pleasure from Christmas helps solve any of these problems!

  3. Well if they would all live up to their word and quit breathing we wouldn’t have a problem with them anymore.Michael Brown was a thug. Criminals standing up for criminals.

    Anonymous (you know the guy with the mask)

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