This Old House

     One of the oldest houses in Fort Lauderdale is …..
            The Annie Beck House, 1915, was saved twice from the wrecking ball. It was originally located at 334 Las Olas, then moved off Las Olas to SE 11th Ave, then moved  again all the way across town to the Middle River Terrace Park.

                                           house on Las Olas – Annie and husband Alfred / 1916

         The Broward Trust for Historic Preservation owns the house, but recently gave up management of the house to the 13th Street Alliance ( a group of area neighborhood associations).


            The new group has wasted no time in repairing, repainting, and making new plans for the most historic house. The Alliance has offered meeting space to non-profits in the area, and is planning fun events at the house including a reprise of the play –

                                   A History of Fort Lauderdale

       ….which will take place at the house sometime this spring……

       Annie would be proud !




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  1. I’m am so pleased! Wonderful news. I am forwarding the info to all 1919 Study Club members. ( The Annie Beck fan club. )
    M.A. & I are very happy and plan a meeting there this summer. THANK YOU for all the dedicated work. 🙂

  2. Good work!
    As I wrote on your blog a while back.
    Fill it would good 24/7 and evil has no room, ‘paraphrased’.
    Good neighbors make good neighborhoods.

    Offer it for local weddings create a new tradition!

  3. Working with old building, be they historic or not is a monumental task. Rarely, are there predictable financial resources to do so. Government incentives are few and far between. In the end, it is the dedicated work, philanthropy and volunteerism of people who care about them that makes it happen. What you are all doing to keep the Annie Beck house alive and active is outstanding.

  4. Having the 13th Street Alliance manage and maintain the house with access to all neighborhood associations in the area will allow the Trust to concentrate on its core mission of historic preservation and to rebuild its membership with a new and energized Board. It’s time that Fort Lauderdale figures out what we want to physically save and get on with it. Historic Preservation and development are not mutually exclusive and to be fair to all sides, last minute surprises and designations do no one any good. Everyone needs to come together on this and soon so that we are able to leave some physical manifestations of our history for future generations.

  5. Well the Shippy House is still taking up city parking spots, with no money to make it usable. That is one of the things that makes a major city owned property next door unrentable.

  6. Should have left that piece of trash downtown. It will always be an eyesore in that park. Another piece of crap run by incompetent people

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