Political Upheaval !

      It was a most exciting week in Fort Lauderdale politics.


         Mayor Jack Seiler, counter to what most thought, entered the race for Governor of the State of Florida!

        Immediately after the announcement, both Commissioner Bruce Roberts, and  Commissioner Romney Rogers announced they would run for the Mayor’s seat!


          Hearing the news, and feeling somewhat left out, Commissioner Bobby Dubose held a press conference to remind everyone that he was still running for the State House!


      And lastly, Commissioner Dean Trantalis ……  just opposed!

                         April Fools !! (well maybe) ….


3 Replies to “Political Upheaval !”

  1. Well done, Tim! Opening headline had me stunned for a minute, since I’d just seen Mayor Seiler at the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Civic Association meeting last night! By the way, he made a very complimentary comment about the 13th Street Alliance and how their efforts to rejuvenate 13th Street are showing results. Best! GM

  2. That was good; My 1-second heart attack was, in the end, refreshing. Bowing to Earnest and those from whom he stole the line: Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I will now open a one-day-a-year, competing blog, just to have some clean fun. Best …

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