They Say Goodbye to Gerry Cooper

     Riverside Hotel …… tonight –  6 p.m.- Friday, January 7th 2011. They came to honor Gerry Cooper,  officially named –   E. Gerald Cooper. 

     Many of you knew Gerry Cooper. He built an vast empire of residential rental buildings in Fort Lauderdale over the last three decades. Ask him how many rental units he owned,  he would chuckle and say “-  “oh, I don’t know, quite a few”.  ( I’m sure it numbered in the many thousands!)

     What I’m quite sure of – and is quite an accomplishment –  he was the largest individual tax payer in the City of Fort Lauderdale. 
    But it  also should be mentioned –  he was one tough son of a  bitch. But one thing I respected about Gerry,  if he told you he was going to do something, you could take it to the bank.

     The room was packed……. most everyone that was anyone was there…. Mayor Seiler read a formal City Proclamation.

     There were current City Commissioners  one County Commissioner ( Lieberman was missing?), former City Commissioners, a former City Manager, big Law Firm principals, all sorts of important City Advisory Board members, the  Police Chief, Fire Chief, the Chief Planning Official, Downtown Development Officials, ….etc. etc. etc.  I half expected Obama  to walk in…..

      If Gerry was watching, he would have been pleased…..

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