Jack is Running…and Running !

     Stay with me now!

     Not only is Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler running, he’s running. 

                                              Jack is running

Yes, you remember that Seiler is trying to get back to his old fighting shape. He’s been on a public jog/walk program throughout the City, exercising in each political district ( more about that in a minute).

     But what you don’t know until now, Seiler is definitely running for re-election as Mayor.

Jack is running

     Rumors have run rampant since Seiler was elected in February 2009. Many people suspected Seiler would be using the Fort Lauderdale Mayorship as a building block to higher office. Many see Seiler staying in elected office, but ultimately moving his way up for a run to become Florida’s Governor

     The first rumor that surfaced that Jack would be a short timer in Fort Lauderdale came last fall. Stories began to circulate that Seiler would run as Lieutenant Governor on the Democratic ticket with Alex Sink . I do have it on good authority that he was approached for that job, but turned it down.

     Now, rumors are circulating that Seiler will run for Congress, taking on newly elected Representative Allen West. 

Seiler debunked all such rumors in a phone call with me earlier. “I’m running for re-election as Mayor of Fort Lauderdale”, Seiler said. He wasn’t sure when he would open his re-election effort, but said it will probably be “very soon”. 

     Seiler said he is enjoying the job of Mayor, feels as though progress is being made on the city’s economy and budget, and says his family is loving having him home for soccer car pooling, football coaching and the like.


     No word yet on who the competition will be.

    …….. and, as far as Jack’s other running, he’d like everyone to meet up with him at the Beach Community Center, Monday, January 10th, at 6:00 p.m. for a jog walk along the Galt Ocean Mile   ……  you’ll have his ear   …. and ….

      …… no campaign contributions are necessary !  ..

     …..( call his assistant, Safeea, at 954-828-5003 if you have any questions)…

                                     P.S. Happy New Year !


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