There’s No Place Like Home!

     When we last spoke, I had made my first bus ride from Fort Lauderdale to our Cabin business in the Georgia Mountains.

                                          Treehouse Cabin at Bear Creek Lodge and Cabins !

     Anyhow, you might remember that my problem was getting back home!

      How can I get back home to Fort Lauderdale? …. Didn’t want to take the bus again…… Not enough time to book a cheap airline ticket!

    I took a little walk along the river to think it over –


     What the hell ? …..

     I waded over the Chattahoochee River to get a better look…


     Holy Crap ! ….. Divine intervention !! …. My ride home !!! ….

     But which to choose?


     This looked like a good fit for a ride to Florida, but he said his destination was Key West, and that he would “drop me off” in Fort Lauderdale –  I didn’t like the sound of that!  ….


     I thought this one would should stay in Georgia!


     And this puppy was on fire for God’s sake !!

     But there he was  … said his name was Nick. ….  real pleasant guy   ….


     Just as we were about to lift off, he mentioned something about having to make a quick stop….  at the “North Pole”  …..

         …. I’m on the noon flight out of Atlanta Delta – see you soon!

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