Hop on the Bus, Gus!

     I had to get up to Georgia, quickly!

     You see, Cindy and I have a mountain cabins business in Helen, Georgia and business got pretty brisk this past weekend.

                                     www. BearCreekLodgeandCabins.com

     Cindy called and said, “get yer ….” …. “and make it snappy!”

     It was too late to grab a reasonable airplane ticket, so I thought I’d just jump in the truck and bear the 12 hour ride up. But there was a problem. The only other vehicle home in Fort Lauderdale was a big, ugly, dirty, hot truck, that didn’t run so great. Cindy was coming back to Fort Lauderdale first, and was not too happy.

     I thought a minute and typed in Greyhound  !  Damn, I can take a bus up for only $99. !


     So there I was at the bus terminal on NE 3rd Street downtown. Just before 8a.m. and all looked good. No scary people, everything smelled normal!

     I was pleasantly surprised. The seats were big, clean, and reclined back way further than airplane seats. I was on the Express Bus, so only three stops on the way up. I took this picture of myself to prove to you I was on the bus –


     I had picked up a slew of newspapers at the station, and slept a lot, but I did meet a friend in the seat beside me. She liked me a lot because she had forgot her phone charger! Mine worked in her phone just fine!


     The only rap I could put on Greyhound was their station in Tifton, Georgia. They should pay me not to add this photo of that stop. We pulled up to the back of a Church’s Chicken and debarked.


     Here is the waiting room! (see bus outside!)

     I had some fried chicken, didn’t sit on the chairs, went back to sleep next to my friend that still had my phone charger.

     About five hours later, I got to Helen – on time. Now the only problem – how the hell do I get home?


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