The OBAMA Zone

     CAUTION: You are about to enter an Obama Zone

If you think Barack Obama is a Muslim, or if you think he is a terrorist masquerading as a Presidential candidate, or if you think he is a black radical, or if you just don’t plain like him, you may want to pass on this post.

     You see, I am supporting Obama, and when it was looking bad last week, and some were saying that Obama might even lose North Carolina, I got busy. I have a reputation of pushing people to get involved when they don’t like what’s going on, and I had to pony up!

     Off I went to North Carolina.


      I was about there, thinking about the race, and there, right in front of me, was a sign!

                                                                   I started to feel better!

     I pulled into Charlotte, and it’s a big city. I didn’t have any idea where Elizabeth Avenue was (Obama Headquarters), so I asked a guy next to me in traffic; “Hey Bud, do you know where Elizabeth Avenue is?”  And get this ….  he says “are you going to the Obama Headquarters?” “Follow me”. I was certain it was divine intervention.

                                                                   I signed up to volunteer!


     Before you can say “Jack Robinson” (whatever that means), I was knocking on doors.

      And at the end of a long day of walking, talking, running  from dogs, extinguishing rumors, etc., I was bushed. But then we heard that Michelle Obama was speaking at the Auditorium downtown, and I had heard that she was a really dynamic speaker, so I thought I’d see for myself.

     As luck would have it, they needed more white people to sit on the stage behind Michelle Obama (don’t want to feed into those black radical rumors!), and I was pulled out of line and sent to the stage. I hurriedly combed my hair and tucked in the tee-shirt – and I was ready!


     She was good. She spoke for about 40 minutes, no notes, lots of passion. The crowd was big and excited. I managed not to shuffle around in my seat too much, but I was sure we all had those stupid “yes I’m sitting behind the candidate and looking like a doofus” look on our faces.

     When she finished, she came by for a chat!


     The next day was more of the same – walking, talking, hanging doorknob political pieces and the like.

     But the mood on the street was good. I smelled victory. And by 7:30 that evening, a sweet victory it was!

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