The Great Mahogany Massacre

     It may go down as one of the biggest tree massacres that Fort Lauderdale has ever seen!


     Before yesterday, these gauged Mahoganies were part of the treelined, shady Fort Lauderdale High School grounds –

                              what they used to look like!

     Then came yesterday! ….  Neighborhood President Randall Klett was the first to see the carnage happening friday afternoon (odd time to start ?)

     Klett called the Mayor, who in turn called the Manager, who in turn called out the head of the Building Dept,  Greg Brewton….

     Brewton’s department went to the scene, and thought they had stopped the work, but this morning the choppers were back at it again – Brewton was notified this morning that they were still hacking and was off to try and stop them again.


     The School Board calls it an improvement. The City, who has no jurisdiction on school property, calls it a violation! The School Board is exempt from having to get permits from the City, but Mayor Seiler says that “doesn’t mean they can break the law!”.

     Hopefully the tree destruction has been halted again, time will tell.

     – but the School Board says not to worry –  they will be replacing the trees like they did just across the street at the new Ft. Lauderdale High Swimming Pool…


                       …. with these beautiful 8 footers ???  UGH!

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