More on Treemageddon !

     More has happened since yesterday’s post on the Mahogany Massacre!

     For a refresher –
     …’s the Google Earth picture of the shady, tree-lined view in front of Fort Lauderdale High School ……. before yesterday ..


and here’s a picture after the School Board’s improvements of yesterday …


     I talked to School Board At Large member Katie Leach a few minutes ago.
     She called me after seeing the carnage on this blog. She said she was “devastated“! She told me her husband was an alumni at Fort Lauderdale High, and he remembered how nice the shade of those trees were even back then!

                                      School Board member Leach

Leach has already called the new Broward County School Superintendent, the former District Super, etc. and promises to get to the root of it all ( pun intended!)
     Meanwhile, the Fort Lauderdale Mayor, Manager, and Building officials say they are on it ……..

                   I’ll keep you informed  … Tim



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