The Big Debate

     The primary election for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission is just a week away, and last night there was a big debate at City Hall.


     All the candidates showed up except for the fake candidate, Crimi ( though he did have a name tag on the dias!)

     Only the Mayor’s race and the District II race has a primary next week, as there has to be three candidates to have a primary. District I and District IV only have two candidates, and their races take place on March 13th. District III incumbent Bobby Dubose got reelected without opposition.

    Last night’s debate was pretty boring. The format asked all nine candidates to answer the same questions, and the crowd began to bail out about halfway into the debate. The Council of Neighborhoods should change that next time around.

     It’s not what the candidates said that was interesting, but what their facial expressions said!

                                 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ..

                               please don’t stop me…I wanna go home!  

                      …..   sheesh, Rynerson and his damn lying chart again!

                                        OK, I’ll pose, get it over with …

              Boy I’m glad I took that shot of Jagermeister before this thing!

                           ha ! …I’m Judy Stern and I’m the puppet master !!

           … yea, sure you are the Puppet master Judy, sure you are …………

                     “hmm… wonder what I should put in my next commercial?”

                       Note:  ( Art Seitz took the picture of Rodstrom) …….. 

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