One Way Ticket Outta Town …. Free !

     The City of Fort Lauderdale might just buy you a one-way bus ticket out of town!

     Of course, that’s if you are one of our many homeless that get stuck here with little hope and even less resources.

     Many find themselves hanging around Stranahan Park looking for a meal, aggressively panhandling, unnerving the tourists, heading downhill fast!

     The program is called the Homeward Bound Reunification program ( named after the Paul Simon song, I’m guessing).

     The Fort Lauderdale City Commission adopted the program a few months ago, and it started this month. So far, 10 people have taken the City up on the tickets.

          Greyhound bound for destinations north!

     The free rides cost the City as little as $40 each, and as much as $200 each. Greyhound took the people to St. Pete, Northport, and Leesburg in Florida. And the rest went to Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

     The youngest person was 35, and the oldest 58. The notes on the chart say we sent them home with “2 sandwiches and gatorade”, or “food from Mount Olive”, and one guy just got “water!”

     The reasons for them needing the busing services included “out of prison – no work”, “extradited back for warrant”,  and “son putting mom in trailer!”  …huh?.

     I called most of the people listed as being the responsible parties on the receiving side of the bus trip ( the parents/brother etc.) . They all said their people made it home, and they were all very appreciative to Fort Lauderdale.

     Now, if we can just get some tickets ready for this group below –

                                Occupy Fort Lauderdalers still living at City Hall !

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