That Little Red Caboose

     You’ve all seen it.
     The little red Caboose that sits on the tracks just east of the Home Depot store on Sunrise Boulevard.

     Lately, some of you have complained to me about it’s condition ( thinking of you, John A.)  


     You were right. And, you see, the neighborhood I live in, Middle River Terrace, accepted the responsibility of the train’s condition when we convinced Dick Winer, train collector, local activist and famous author ( The Devil’s Triangle) , to put the historic relic in the neighborhood as “conservation piece”. 

     We painted the train in 2004 and 2007, but it was that time again, last Saturday, 2012.


     Here we are after a day of painting “caboose red”, flat black and yellow highlights!

     Notice that the Home Depot managers are on sight for the photo op, as they furnished all the paint and supplies – free of charge !  thanks! 


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