Tear Down The Condos At The Beach?

     He is C.J. Beck, one of the Fort Lauderdale Beaches’ feisty condo commandos, and a well known accomplished international author. He has just published his third novel.

     He resides part of the year at the Illini Condo, which is at the southern end of the beach, in front of the Bahia Mar complex.

     He’s often been critical of beach redevelopment. He says City Commissions have been “snoozing” instead of planning, (does that include me?) and believes the only hope for the Fort Lauderdale Beach is selective “demolition …. large scale”.  I’m assuming the selective part excludes his building!

     His books are fun, I’ve read one. His newest novel seems to be set close to home. Here is the front cover  – 



     He says it a fictional story, set in a seaside town called Las Olas By -The -Sea.

     He says characters in the book might resemble some local Fort Lauderdale characters, but that would be coincidental, since, he says, “the book is purely fictional”….


     The book appears to be a combination murder mystery, survival guide for condo living, and a not so gentle poke at some harsh condo rules.

     Here’s an example:


                                                used to enforce one of the book’s fictitious
                                                             condo’s  “no pets” rule

     We do have some interesting residents here in paradise !

      If you’d like a copy of Beck’s new novel, send him an e-mail to a_houyhnhnm@yahoo.com


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