How do some Fort Lauderdalians spell R-E-L-I-E-F ?

     Summer might officially start on June 21st, but here in South Florida, expect it any day now!

     It will be the same story for many months – HOT and HUMID, chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, or maybe just a quick hurricane! 

     But my wife and I have found a way to get relief from all that, and you’re invited!
                                      It’s called Bear Creek Lodge and Cabins. 

                            one of the 7 cabins  …. this one’s called “Treehouse Cabin”

     full disclosure time !!  –  My wife Cindy and I have been developing this special piece of the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains for a few years now, and we’re ready to invite all of Fort Lauderdale up this summer (at least all the nice ones). And to do our part for stimulating the economy, we invite you to come at half price off our regular rates !!

     It’s about 90 minutes Northeast of Atlanta, nestled in the hillside of a fun town called Alpine Helen, and it’s smack dab on the Chattahoochee River. What’s more, you don’t use air conditioning there, because it often drops into the 50’s at night, even in August!

     Here’s a few more pics:


                               the Cabins are high quality ……..

                                                       the River Tubing is relaxing  ……….

                                         the hiking exhilarating  ………….

                                                            the town’s a blast !  …………….

     The Lodge and all the Cabins can accomodate about 45 people total, so bring your family and friends too!

     You can get more info by going on the web site      
     Call Cindy or I when you’re ready to reserve at 706-878-9075.  Or e-mail me at   

                                                                  we’ll be waiting !!  ……………..



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