Take Tim’s Tour Two!

     Just in case you are a new reader here, let me explain the Tim Tours, and tell you what’s next – see if you want to come!

     See, there are a lot of really neat things in the City that most residents could never see. I know that, because as a City Commissioner, I got a “back stage pass” to see them. You should get one too!

     So I asked the City Administration, the Hospital, Bonnet House, FPL etc. if they would open up their “secret” areas to you – 

                       And they said yes!

                                     last month at the Crime Lab !

     So here’s the scoop on this month’s fab tour!  A clue – it’s a real stinker !    

     The one that you’ve been waiting for – 


                   The Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour
Wednesday, March, 21st – 4 p.m.

     The plant is on SE 17th Street and Eisenhower Blvd.. It’s a fascinating place…
     ….. you’ll be amazed at this billion dollar, state of the art facility…..

                    ……..  space on the tour is very limited, so to reserve a spot,  either place a comment here on the blog ( like  “it’s Bobby, I’ll be there!”) or send me a private e-mail to 


     …..  you can park around back, be prompt 4 pm  …call me if you need to 


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