Revenge … Dish Best Served Cold ?

     We’ve been following the little troubled neighborhood called…..  

                                      Progresso Village

                                      sign letters still stolen – no respect !

It’s that mixed neighborhood over by the RR Tracks and Andrews Ave. , just south of Sunrise Boulevard.

     A year back, it was consumed with controversy when it’s President, Doug Sterner, and a few of its board members, backed a City plan to move the troubled homeless souls out of Stranahan Park and into their neighborhood.


     The neighborhood revolted, and the plan was stopped, but the blood had turned bad. At their next election meeting, a new President was elected.

                                     new Prez Bradford Cohen

     Today, the following e-mail came out from Cohen, replacing Sterner as the neighborhoods’ representative to the Council of Civic Associations. Sterner just happens to be the President of the Council, and their by-laws say the President must be an appointed rep from a neighborhood !

                Here’s Cohen’s e-mail

      Please be advised by way of this written communication, that as of last night March 20th, 2012, Doug Sterner is no longer the appointed representative of Progresso Village to the Council of Civic Associations.

     The members relayed to me that it is not in the best interest of Progresso Village to have a representative that does not live in Progresso Village or even in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

     I whole heartedly agreed with the sentiment. As such, I have removed him from his appointed position as the representative, and appointed JJ Hankerson as his replacement. I would have liked to tell him personally at our monthly meeting last night, but he failed to appear.

I put this in the “Pay backs are a …… ” column… I’ll keep you apprised 


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