Speaking of Crime

     Our last post was about the rate of burglaries finally going down in the South Middle River neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, after the introduction of the newest in crime prevention techniques- Smartwater – 

                                                      criminal doused with Smartwater

      -but unfortunately, the rate of burglaries in its’ next door neighborhood, Middle River Terrace. that doesn’t have City sponsored Smartwater,  went UP by the same percentage ! (squeezing of the balloon they call it) ………. 

     Tomorrow, both those neighborhoods join the LakeRidge and Poinsettia Hgts neighborhoods for a National Night Out Against Crime event.


     All Fort Lauderdalians are invited  …  Join the 13th Street Alliance, the Fort Lauderdale Police DepartmentMayor Seiler, Commissioner Trantalis, and City Manager Feldman for an interesting and fun event designed to keep up the fight against crime.


     The event is Tuesday, August 6, from 5:30 pm until 8 pm, on NE 13th Street between Dixie Highway and NE 5th Terrace.

     Everything is free, even the famous Bear’s Sausage and Pepper Subs!

     ….. and you’ll have to see the challenging game of “ring around the criminal” to believe it – 

                                 see you tomorrow   ……  Tim

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