Is SmartWater Working?

     SMARTWATER    ….. 


     Smartwater is that space-age, novel approach to fighting crime. It uses an invisible liquid, (only visible under black light), to mark valuables for recovery after a break-in. The theory is that criminals will stop breaking into homes, fearing they might actually be caught! 

     Smartwater has been used in about 400 homes in the most crime-ridden neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, (South Middle River), since the beginning of this year, and the Police Crime Stats released yesterday might begin to tell a tale about its’ effectiveness, and how the authorities might have to tweak the program.


     The good news is that burglaries in South Middle River have been reduced so far this year by 12% (110 burglaries so far this year compared to 125 burglaries – same time last year). 

     The bad news, unfortunately, is Sir Issac Newton.


      ” To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction “, 

     The neighborhood just to the east of South Middle River –
 Middle River Terrace – has had a 14% INCREASE in burglaries over the same time period.

     And vehicle burglaries in South Middle River have jumped a disturbing 36% this year over last year  – (60 so far this year over 44 same time last year) –

   …..  could it be that the criminals are breaking into cars instead of homes, or just breaking into nearby homes in a neighborhood without SmartWater ? 

      There may be some tweaking to do !  

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