Smith’s Sixth Theorem

     Proving that it is entirely possible to push a very heavy object up a very steep hill……..
     ……former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Tim Smith (that’s me), finished his sixth half-marathon Sunday at the Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon.


                                                         Smith rounding the turn to the finish line

     After the race, Smith said that the effort was a “walk in the park”, but then quickly added that he was lying through his teeth!

     Smith also said that he finally figured out, after finishing 6 half-marathons and 2 full marathons, why his wife always prepared a T-Shirt for him to wear during the runs with POPS
emblazoned across the front.

     The onlookers, whenever Smith began to slow down or even think about walking, kept yelling out 

                                           “GO POPS”
       and Smith would pick up the pace. Smith said that as soon as he can walk again and chase his wife down, he was going to  “have a chat with her about that”!

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