Operation Smoking Gun

     Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley has had a tough year.

     Today, he had an exceptionally good day.

                                                                                    the Chief

     Adderley’s Department jointly announced today the culmination of a successful year-long undercover operation it conducted with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the US Marshal’s Service, and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

The operation, named “Operation Smoking Gun“, was aimed at  “crime and violence associated with gang activity”.

     Here’s just a snapshot of some of the results:

……  320 guns seized, including a machine gun and 3 sawed- off shotguns

    ……  2956 Oxycodone pills seized
    ……  1616 Percocet

    ……   7762 Ectasy pills

    ……   stolen personal I.D.’s of 300 theft victims

    ……   1.5 kilos of crack cocaine

    ……    100 violent gang criminals arrested

Adderley celebrated the good news tonight by going out on Patrol. Adderley is known to patrol the city after dark, (usually on Fridays) after a full week of Police administration and mind-numbing city politics.
     He says he has fond memories of his work “on the streets as a Patrolman and Raider ” ( the Police street crimes unit), and enjoys these night patrols.

     Tonight, I rode with Adderley and clicked a few pictures of him checking out the streets.

                                                      Adderley checking on his house off Sistrunk Boulevard

                                                               Chief checking in on a recent crime victim

                                                   Adderley yucking it up at the local Haitian barbershop

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