SmartyPants Readers!

     I asked you all if you had any idea what this was.


     Well, of the answers I received (both privately and as a comment here on the blog) –  many  of you got it right, but an equal amount didn’t!

     The give-a-way clue was going to be “this blog looks at Fort Lauderdale through my eyes!”

     That’s what it is, 
my eyeswith a picture from the inside out, technically the Optomap ultra – wide digital retina imaging system. (It was time for my once a decade Eye Doctor visit!)

     Some of the best, worst answers were 

eyeball of a possum
           …….  the surface of Mercury
           …….  a tumor
           …….  a faraway

     Thanks for allowing me the diversion, I’ll get back to regular posting next!,,,


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