Smart Water Sign Not So Smart ?

      A few years back, the neighborhood of South Middle River received a novel new crime fighting program called SmartWater.


       The space age liquid places a DNA-like marker on your valuables, and it can be identified at the pawn shop, fence etc. Also, the Police can squirt the liquid on the criminal through a “bait house”, or “bait car” situation. Lastly, there is a great deterrent effect, as criminals seem to be very afraid of the state of the art liquid.

     So, the city placed the liquid marking system in 500 of the homes in the South Middle River neighborhood ( they had the most burglaries in the city), and the burglary rate has now dropped substantially.

     Unfortunately, the President of the neighborhood next door (Laura Crocenco) decided not to push the City for the program in Middle River Terrace, and that neighborhood’s burglary rate nearly doubled – seems the burglars fled the SmartWater next door!

       Now  finally, Middle River Terrace is  getting SmartWater. And the sign notifying residents has been placed in the neighborhood.

      Can you tell why this piece is titled “Smart Water Sign Not So Smart”?


15 Replies to “Smart Water Sign Not So Smart ?”

  1. Tim, I thinks its great to have this program however I find it hard to believe it is a deterrent. I do not get the impression that house burglars are that aware, careful or smart.

  2. The sign must have been prepared by a student of Broward County Schools for students of Broward County Schools 😉

  3. I bet that lady who keeps advertising the give away over and over on nextdoor, like she had everything to do with the give-away, is responsible for the mishap.

    Have you ever heard her talk in a meeting ? ( who hasn’t) She is the government liason for her neighborhood, and refuses to pronounce the Mayor and City manager’s name right. her version- Seeler and Fieldman.

    They must be desperate for board members over there!

  4. The original email about this post did not include the picture of the sign. When I posted what I said above, I didn’t read the sign on this web page. As far as the SmartWater Program, I think anything that we do is better than doing nothing. The distribution of the kits and getting more people involved is worth the effort. I do think that marking property is a valuable tool, but the community needs to be involved too. Hopefully, this will encourage some more involvement in all of the new neighborhoods being given the kits. Making people aware and calling the police about anything suspicious, is an even more valuable tool than the marking of property.

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