Gay Marriage for Fort Lauderdale ?

     Will the Fort Lauderdale City Commission be backing gay marriage next Tuesday ?

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      The City of Fort Lauderdale has had an unusual, maybe schizophrenic history when it comes to  its GLBT community (for those of you who have been hiding under rocks for the last three decades, that acronym stands for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered …( gay people.)


       Though the city is identified as having one of the greatest concentrations of gay people in the country, and many of its gay citizens contribute heavily on city boards and in city neighborhoods, its public policy has not always been kind to them.

     The City’s last mayor, re-elected 5 times,  made national news calling out gays for public sex and saying they shouldn’t be called “gay”, because they really weren’t happy.

                     Naugle, joined  by radical anti-gay activist Reverend O’Neal Dozier

     Dozier, who reportedly said that homosexuals “made God want to vomit’, was allied with the infamous Reverend D. James Kennedy, (now deceased), and his very conservative mega-church – Coral Ridge Presbyterian.

      Kennedy was known for quotes like this –

      “ the intimate coupling of two men or two women is
not marriage. It is a pale and misshapen counterfeit that will only
serve to empty marriage of its meaning and destroy the institution that
is the keystone in the arch of civilization. ? If homosexuals win the
right to ‘marry,’ expect further similarly argued claims challenging
legal barriers to polygamy, bestiality, and child marriage.”

      So we have had both opinions represented –


      You might say that is all old news Tim, and you might say that Fort Lauderdale has evolved.

      I hope you are right. This is how we might know !

     Unless it gets pulled from next Tuesday’s agenda, Commissioner Dean Trantalis has placed a “‘Resolution” on the evening’s agenda, calling for the City to officially back gay marriage in the State of Florida.

                              ….   homosexual rights leader Trantalis, next to Naugle and Mayor Seiler

                  Here is the Resolution
    WHEREAS, the City of Fort Lauderdale strives to protect the equal rights of all its residents without regard to race, color, creed, religion, gender, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression; and

    WHEREAS, the City of Fort Lauderdale derives great strength from the diversity of its residents, employees, and visitors; and

    WHEREAS, the City of Fort Lauderdale extends employee health benefits to domestic partners regardless of sexual orientation; and

    WHEREAS, the lack of access to marriage under the laws of the State of Florida deprives members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community of more than 1,000 federal benefits and responsibilities afforded heterosexual couples, including spousal social security and pension benefits, tax equity, and medical decision-making authority; and

    WHEREAS, domestic partnership and civil union laws bring welcome recognition to same-sex couples and their families, but marriage remains the most widely accepted and best legal mechanism for protecting these families; and

    WHEREAS, denying access to marriage for same-sex couples discriminates against them, relegates them to second-class citizenship, and serves to institutionalize discrimination in violation of the United States Constitution,


SECTION 1.    That the City Commission supports equal access to legal marriage for same-sex couples, and opposes laws and constitutional amendments that deny equal access to legal marriage for same-sex couples.

SECTION 2.    That the City Commission urges the Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott to enact a law that would provide for marriage equality in the State of Florida.

SECTION 3.    That the City Clerk is directed to forward a certified copy of this Resolution to the Broward County state legislative delegation and to Governor Rick Scott.

SECTION 4.    That all resolutions or parts of resolutions in conflict herewith, be and the same are rescinded to the extent of such conflict.

SECTION 5.    That this Resolution shall be in effect immediately upon its adoption.

    ADOPTED this the _____ day of _________________, 2014.

                               JOHN P. “JACK” SEILER

                                                        Stay Tuned ….. Tim

47 Replies to “Gay Marriage for Fort Lauderdale ?”

  1. sounds like seilers last ditch effort to get on charlie crist ticket for governor
    so many marriages don’t last so who cares because family law/divorce lawyers stay real busy

    ps if it is NOT legal or legally recognized by Legislature, then what is the purpose of the city grand standing?

  2. It is high time we give gays the same rights as we all take for granted. If they want to be able to be recognized by law,and have a civil union, who are we to deny that?
    No one can deny that this City is comprised of many gay citizens that pay taxes, contribute to their community,and beautify many neighborhoods that would otherwise be slums if they weren’t brave enough to invest in them.
    Let’s get out of the dark ages, and be accepting, and give all residents the ability to find happiness with their lifetime partners, and enjoy the benefits that married couples are able to take advantage of….

  3. Tim
    Hi Tim This is Dick Rogers &Bill Mullins We just celebrated our 51st Year together. Don’t you think its about time we were Married ?

  4. First of all, thank you, Tim for taking the time to post this on this late Wednesday night…and thank you Commissioner Trantalis for taking a true leadership role in bringing forth this resolution.

    It is almost embarrassing that Florida falls behinds such states as Virginia, Arkansas, Utah, and Oklahoma who are now awaiting appellate court decisions after lower courts ruled in favor of allowing same-sex marriage licenses.
    As a native of Virginia and most recently, a 15 year resident of Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors, I am still amazed at the opposition for marriage equality rights in our state. It is past time to recognize the civic involvement, passion, commitment and creative contributions that warrant the respect and consideration of every other citizen.

    I challenge the Fort Lauderdale Commission and Mayor to pass this resolution in order to urge the State of Florida to recognize the rights of all people to love and commit their lives to each other, equally.

  5. Thank you, Tim, for this post. This past summer, my partner of 41 years and I were married in our native state of New York. What a shame that we had to travel there instead of being married in Florida. This resolution is way past due and it is time that Fort Lauderdale separated itself from the likes of our governor, attorney general, and the absolutely whacked platform of the Republican Party in Texas which similarly states that “homosexuality tears at the fabric of society” and approves of “reparative therapy for gays.” Enough already; we are already late to the dance.

  6. I’m a straight woman who is attracted to men. Nothing anyone could say or do could change that. It’s just biology, it’s just who I am. I have been happily married for 25 years to the man I love. Why can’t GLBT people have the same rights? Why are they denied marriage based on who they are attracted to and who they love. They can’t change how they feel, any more than I can. i just never understood, on what basis, GLBT folks are denied the right to marry. The world has not exploded in the states where Gay marriage is allowed. I doubt very much that Florida will explode, if we support marriage equality here as well.

  7. Our Society as a whole needs to embrace and nurture diversity. Lifetime loving partnerships are a marriage and The City Of Fort Lauderdale should with haste do everything in its power to support equal rights for all.

  8. As the home to the largest % concentration of GLBT citizen in America – it is about time. Lets see if this place can live up to it’s reputation of the San Francisco of the South with PRIDE.

  9. To Family Law Practitioner..
    With respect to your comment…are you suggesting that Dean is wasting the City’s time in asking Jack to sign his resolution? Is it a legally balanced document? Also can anyone out there help me understand if Dean’s focus with this issue is a part of his duties as a Commissioner?

  10. To “Concerned”:
    I don’t really think you are concerned at all. Your postings over the past few stories don’t address the issues but consistently take jabs at Dean and support the Mayor. Are you Michael Ahern or the Mayor himself? Regarding your last question: There have been many resolutions over the years brought forth by the Commissioners – are they all a waste of time and not part of the Commissioners’ duties?

  11. I think it makes sense that this would fall in line with his duties as a Commissioner — Middle River Terrace, Victoria Park and North Beach Village all have a high concentration of GLBT residents and business owners.

  12. these electeds made resolutions on board appointments, terms, etc., then ignored them in the last few meetings
    they ignor the city charter too

    these same electeds over-ruled a 1987 resolution on protecting the rain tree and unanimously voted to kill it – I mean move it – so rule of law and rsolutions mean little

    the resolutions these guys make aren’t worth the paper they print them on

    so in answer to your question – yes their actions are a waste of time

  13. To you,re not really concerned…
    I simply asked a couple of questions that you seem unable to address in any meaningful manner… attacking my words only begs the question… Why are you so afraid to think outside the box? It seems Dean stirred the pot with the wrong spoon. ( Nothing personal Dean..)

    To RJP3… Thank you for your reply..and I honor that. These neighborhoods are a blend of many different people and lifestyles… and I still would like someone knowledgeable to supply me/us with a simple 1-2 paragraphs (short ones) draft of what a commissioners job is.

  14. For tell the truth….. Thanks for answering my question… so if it is a waste of time we as a community need only to look back, learn and make real changes rather than political grandstanding motions. … Yes?

  15. To “concerned” .. Michael, just go back to working for Charlotte Rodstrom and the carpet-bagging campaign. Have you found her a house yet in Century Village? Just how many resolutions did your not-so-much-of-a-law-partner Mayor Jack vote on when he was in the Legislature? Being a commissioner means representing your residents. And sometimes that means advocating their feelings to a broader audience and giving those views publicity. I guess naming some day as Cow Milking Day in Punta Gorda is more significant.

  16. Absolutely it should be allowed. At this point, supporting gay marriage is a no-brainer.

  17. To your not really concerned…
    What do you have against cows and does milking cows make you feel a need to go to Punta Gorda? very strange..

  18. Everyone should have the same rights in Ft. Lauderdale, in Florida and every state in the US. And gay marriage is one of these rights.

  19. Gay is not a protected class and should not be grouped in with the protected classes. (Neither is Caucasian by the way only the other races). This proclamation is “all or nothing” according to the first Whereas and was purposefully designed to force support. If you feel that strongly about gay marriage, then see of a stand alone proclamation gets the support of the commission. I’m not offering my opinion on the issue, just my opinion on the way this is being presented.

  20. You preach hate toward folks that don’t support this but are opposed to the unfair treatment of homosexuals. Are you the only one entitled to an opinion? You’re belief in gay marriage can be voiced just as loudly as any opposition. Hypocrite.

    Debate and disagreement is fine but calling people that don’t agree with your side “whacked” shows your intolerance for the opposition.

  21. Written by a lawyer and a small time “king” maker? You enjoy fighting. Could it be in your heritage Mike or Concerned?

  22. It seems the only one fighting is you and your imaginary enemies of the past present and future.
    I am sorry for you….

  23. What Jack Seiler does to us in public most male gay couples prefer to do in private, so you know he’ll vote “Aye”.

  24. Please – give it a rest. And it’s “Your” belief, not “You’re” belief. I think you tear at the fabric of society and need reparative therapy.

  25. Well, well.. An interesting fix that everyone finds themselves in. Let’s see. Jack Seiler — future lt. gov, future cabinet member? But he has refused to sign the marriage equality mayoral platform! Would my friend Charlie really choose someone that doesn’t support the gay community? Don’t think so. Bobby DuBose. He’s running for a House seat that covers the gay community in Fort Lauderdale, but he’s conservative. So what does he do? His opponent has an opening! Romney Rogers. A Democrat who attends First Baptist and wants to be mayor. Support his church or expand his base? Bruce Roberts. A liberal Republican who hired a lot of gay cops as police chief. Support the GOP or support his troops? Lots of decisions to make this weekend. Hehehe…

  26. Being gay is a sexual preference, not someone’s identity. Do straight people cram their heterosexuality down anyone’s throat? A commissioner should not be grandstanding about this subject and trying to exert pressure on his colleagues to support this. It does not belong in city government.

  27. “Marriage-equality resolution puts Fort Lauderdale commissioners on the spot”
    By Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel
    June 14, 2014

    President Obama’s views on gay marriage have evolved, but what about those of the Fort Lauderdale City Commission?
    Commissioner Dean Trantalis has placed a resolution on Tuesday’s agenda for commissioners to vote on that supports marriage equality. Florida voters in 2008 approved a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, which is now being challenged in federal court.
    In the past, Mayor Jack Seiler has refused to sign the Mayors for Freedom to Marry statement, saying he supports civil unions but not gay marriage.

  28. To “America”:
    Over the course of your posts, your true colors are emerging. You are a bigot and a homophobe – admit it and come out of the closet. Did you go to Fred Phelps’ funeral?

  29. What a horrible way to treat a fellow blogger. I call it attack out of fear… Pure nonsense. Please qualify your analysis of what makes America’s comments so appalling to you.

  30. Please stop identifying yourself as “American”. Your ignorance is not aligning with America’s beliefs.
    Is having the city blessed by a CATHOLIC figure head part of the duties of a Mayor? Isn’t being catholic a religious preference and not an identy? And what happened to church and state separation?
    Commission Trantelis is doing his duties. He is bringing to light and addressing a human rights issue.
    If the Mayor doesn’t sign it, so be it. The voters in the city will be watching. The state of Florida will also be watching.

  31. Thank you for helping me prove my point. Keep YOUR sex life in the bedroom like most mature adults do.

  32. Is my opinion on the issue and less important than yours that you resort to name calling? I call what you exemplify “keyboard courage.”

  33. Your veiled threat the mayor won’t be re elected is laughable and means nothing to me. Sexual preference is each person’s choice. Do what you want. Support what you want. It doesn’t make the folks against it wrong or religious zealots. Stop pushing your agenda on others. I and my colleagues may not vote for any politician that supports this resolution. Dean himself may be one and done. How’s that grab ya?

  34. Although many individuals support gay marriage, the majority of America is opposed to it so I will stick with my chosen moniker but thanks for the suggestion. Its also funny you now attack religion, specifically Catholic. Religion IS constitutionally protected and if any religion have added to the negative feelings toward gays its Catholic. You can thank the Catholic church for some of the difficulties you have experienced.

    And I agree that religion doesn’t belong in City government any more than sexual preference does. Maybe a future commissioner will be an adulterer and try to force support for that. There’s a large population of unfaithful partners (both gay and straight). KEEP SEX IN THE BEDROOM.

    I agree the voters are watching. Maybe Dean will be a one and done commissioner. Remember its the majority vote that wins, not the minority vote that screams the loudest.

  35. First of all its hotter than a pigs ass(and i’m not talkin about the four-leggin ones) out here today,. I think that the LGBT(there is a “B” in there, for bi-sexual-I thought so). I would rather see this on the State ballot this Novemeber to put this to rest once and for all. W/ Charlie Crist hopefully as our next governor this would certainly pass(gay marriage). Then the “LBGT” would be recongnized throughout the state. To put this on our city, its more symbloic then any thing else. We allready have “domestic partnership benefits” etc. The county protects the “LGBT community better tahn any other county in the country. This being stated the magic number is three(3). You have Comm.Trantalis(thank Steve Glassman folks for pushing this, sure Dean he digs the trenches for you). I think that Comm.Dubose will endorse this(since he is running for State Rep-which includes Wilton Manors(no brainer). Comm.Rogers will vote no(the WASPS would sting him like crazy). Mayor Seiler form his past remarks believes this is not a city matter, and should be policied by the state. So its all on Comm.Bruce Roberts lap. What way will he go. I think he should support this. If anything else a business desecion. The “LBGT” spends billions here in Ft. Lau. Ft.Lau is a mecca for gay tourism. Pass it Bruce.

  36. Nothing I say makes sense. I don’t even understand what I say, so how can I explain it to you?

  37. If unwilling to defend or explain your comments … why participate in the conversation.
    Does anyone know what Robert Walsh was referring to when he expressed Dean’s ditch ( trench) digger is Steve Glassman?
    Also Robert Walsh…Foul language= 0

  38. I’m shitty activist, not city activist. You need to read better and not try and figure out or care what Walsh ever means. What is your (“concerned”) obsession with Dean and Steve Glassman? You are almost as bad as Charlie King and his obsession with the mayor.

  39. Sorry to bother you,I now completely interpret the difference.
    There is no obsession, just follow up questions upon careful review of the various comments.

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