Shippey Ship Shaped

     It took a village !

     Here are some photos of the resurrection of the Shippey House that took place last Saturday.

     Citizens of all stripes and philosophies came early and worked their hearts out until – voila – see for yourself …….
     (all the photos are courtesy of Cal Deal   ……thanks Cal)


     In a little over 3 hours, about 75 volunteers   …..


     Business people, historical activists, high school students, neighborhood leaders, church people, even  ……


                                        politicians !!!

    The effort took a lot of faith and trust …..


     Caldwell Cooper, (who is donating an all new front porch), almost holding the ladder for me !

     The day finished on a high note ……


      I guess the lesson is that we can save important parts of our past, yet build for the future !


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